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  • Areas of Expertise

    • On-Camera Acting

    • Audition/Monologue prep

    • Grad school audition prep

    • Script Analysis 

    • Scene Breakdown

    • Fundamentals of Clowning

    • Clown bit/routine creations

  • Prices

    • 30 Minute Online Consultation = $25​​​​

    • Online Coaching = $50/hour

    • In-Person Coaching = suspended due to COVID-19

*To schedule a coaching session with Chae, contact her via email using the button below.

**Full payment is due before the start of the session.


  • Areas of Expertise

    • Curriculum creation​.

    • Structuring programs with a focus on how classes feed into and support one another.

    • Reviewing and structuring proposals for successful submission or presentation.

    • Grant proposal writing.

  • Prices

    • ​Online Curricula/Proposal Consultation = Contact for rate
    • Online Curricula/Proposal Review = Contact for rate

    • Grant Proposal Writing = Contact for rate


*To schedule a curriculum or proposal session with Chae, contact her via email using the button below.


"Chae is a fierce actress that has a unique ability to be funny and cut throat at the same time! As an experienced Clown, Chae can always find the funny in the most dramatic scenes which will always give you a more interesting and nuanced performance. I have worked with Chae in every capacity. She is a humble, detailed, collaborative performer and teacher. Her leadership qualities are incomparable. Working with Chae will leave you with a deeper sense of self, specificity and confidence in your work as an individual and ensemble member. I would recommend Chae a million times as she is fresh, exciting and generous to work with. Chae will definitely nurture your artist voice!"

--Chantal Nchako, actress & USC MFA Acting alumna, IMDb

"Chae is a gifted actor and clown that takes her theatrical training and quickly shifts her knowledge to work for on-camera applications. As a coach, she is able to give suggestions on what will physically pop when comedic movement is needed. When Chae is my reader, I always feel sure that my tape will be excellent. Her discerning eye and ability to read without overpowering or without dragging down the energy of the scene is solid. Chae brings a comforting, giving presence and a safe, trusting environment to her work and while helping others with their scenes.​"

-- Jo Yuan, actress & clown, Website

"Chae is a powerhouse teacher, actor, and clown, and working with her is always easy, inspiring, and fun. With incredible training under her belt and an array of tips and tricks up her sleeve, Chae will absolutely bring out the best in your performance, be it for stage or screen. As an experienced actor and clown, she has an intuitive sense of how to work with any actor who wants to develop greater specificity, awareness, and nuance in their work. I would absolutely work with Chae again and again and again and recommend everyone else do so as well."

--Adam Lebowitz-Lockard, actor, sketch comic, writer & creator, Website

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